About Us

Our Church

Church On The Rock is all about one thing. Relationships.

We believe that the most important relationship in your life is the one you have with God.  The next most important are the relationships you have with others. We emphasize the importance of building and growing your relationships, and our goal is to be a church where our love for God is evident in our love for others. 

We are a church that proclaims and lives out the Good News of Jesus by first becoming disciples (devoted followers), and then making disciples through intentional relationships. We first become disciples by experiencing spiritual transformation through dedicated time with God. Then, from our being with the Lord, we engage others to "follow me, as I follow Christ." 

Our Mission

Love God and others, become and make disciples.

We take our mission statement from the Great Commandment and the Great Commission. We believe there is no higher calling than to order our whole lives around Jesus' ethic of love--love God and others--while we grow in deeper relationship with Him and others--become and make disciples. 

We don't believe we are experts who have all the answers! Our focus is on becoming more dedicated followers of Christ, and then sharing our lives with others in such a way that they would be influenced to know and grow in Christ as well. 

Our Strategy

Our strategy is offering three circles of relationship. Through each circle, we want any person to be Seen, Heard, and Known. 

Our Sunday service starts at 10:30am and is a great entry point to "get to know us." 

You can expect:

We also offer small groups that meet throughout the week. Small groups are an excellent way to make the Sunday morning experience "smaller." They are designed to create conversation that make reading and studying the Bible clearer. We want each group to develop relationships that are closer than what's possible at a Sunday service. 

Finally, we train and equip our members to embrace our mission statement of becoming and making disciples. Our hope is that each person experiences spiritual transformation that leads to a multiplying mentality. In other words, we equip devoted followers of Jesus to accomplish the Great Commission with another believer--"...teaching them to obey everything I have commanded you."
We want every person to have the chance to experience life-change which leads to participation in God's mission of spreading His Kingdom. 

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